Being Prepared…A Guest Post By Lisa

Posted: November 17, 2011 in Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things, Uncategorized
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I have followed Lisa @ Lisa Notes for some time now. She always shares her heart and gives scriptural foundation with her thoughts. In a world that questions the validity of the Bible, I really appreciate that. Recently, I stopped by her place and read this post. I was so excited because I knew that this post would be perfect for this site! Lisa has a practical idea all of us can do in order to make a difference in our world. This is a great followup to Kristen Bridgman’s post. I know you’ll enjoy this post as much as I did.

Sometimes you look away.

You see the man under the bridge or on the street corner.
But you don’t want to.

So you fiddle with the radio or watch the traffic light or check your phone.
All to avoid the human being.

But other times, you can’t help but stare.
You wonder.
How did this happen? Did he used to have a job? A family? A home?

I often see these men on my way to our public library. They hang out under the Governors Drive overpass.

One Wednesday afternoon a couple weeks ago I couldn’t help but stare. I was first up at the light. The gentleman had a sign.

And this time, I actually wanted to help.

I looked around my car. One opened pack of gum. I couldn’t give that.

All I had to give was eye contact and a smile.
I gave it.

I had been unprepared for the good work God had prepared for me to do.
For this man.
On that Wednesday afternoon.
Under an overpass.

Laziness? Fear? Cynicism?

But as of yesterday, I traded in my empty bag of excuses for a new package tucked under my driver’s seat: a pair of new socks filled with peanut butter crackers and a juice box.

And a handwritten note that says,

“God has planned good things for you to do today.
Jesus will help you. He loves you!”
Ephesians 2:10

Will it make a difference to a man under a bridge?
I can’t predict.

But I can predict this:
It will make a difference to a woman in a car.

Some things you can’t prepare for.
But some things you can.

ready* * *

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.
Ephesians 2:10

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  2. Sherrey says:

    Loved this post! Not because I’m a prepared woman in a car; no, I’m just the opposite. Your idea of the bag under the seat filled with some necessities reminds me of a few years ago when kids at a vacaton Bible school where I was teachng filled plastic Ziploc bags with a few items — small collapsable cup, bottle of water, toothbrush and toothpaste, crackers, gum, a juicebox, and some other small items. They were encouraged to go home and tell their parents about the bag and who it was for. I thought it was a great idea then, but didn’t follow up on my own. Thanks for reminding me what I need to be doing.

    Also, one day I saw a young couple sitting at an intersection, both out of work and homeless. I had nothing to give but I did roll down my window and told them I’d pray for them! You know it felt good. 🙂

  3. KingdomGal says:

    Guard your heart for out of it flow the forces of life. I sometimes give a couple bucks. I sometimes ignore them. Your idea would make me look forward to see these people. May the Lamb receive the reward of His suffering!

  4. Jodi aman says:

    This is beautiful! I love how you said it made a difference to the woman in the car. Strikes home. All we can do is heal ourselves and hope it makes a difference tonier around us!

  5. Bravo to you! It will make a difference! As one who has been interviewing the homeless for several months now, I keep hearing from them that they just need to know that someone cares. We need to tell them and show them. Bless your heart!!! 🙂

  6. Ha! Just last week I had the SAME nearly exact thing happen to me. I looked into his beautiful blue eyes and it just struck me that this brother, this homeless brother, was someone’s son…maybe someone’s brother or even father. I rolled down the window, gave him what little cash I had, and we chatted a little until the light turned green. I asked him if he had socks…he said no, no socks…no underwear…then he smiles, this big smile and says, but I have a really good sleeping bag! I was stunned and shamed all at once, to know that this man took great joy in his sleeping bag, when on some days I do well to find joy in anything, muchless the warm bed and roof over my head with food on the table. So, my heart was also tugged to do something and it’s exactly what you did here – fill a bag with goodies and socks – 6 of them – carry them around and give away as I can. God must have been speaking the same language to us that day! How amazing!

  7. Amy Sullivan says:

    Oh, I love Lisa’s words, and it’s fun seeing them here!

  8. pattisj says:

    This is a great idea, thanks!

  9. Ooh Lisa, thank you for sharing this! I will put some packages together to be prepared.

  10. i love this post of lisa’s. i’m so glad you shared it friend. xo

  11. K!! Why have I never thought of this?! How many times have I been caught off guard?
    Thank you so much for this fantastic brainwave. Totally going to do this.

    As I read the comments, it’s fun to see the impact your preparedness package has had – it just multiplied to many packages in many cars. Yaaay for love spreading!! 🙂

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