What’s the Idea?

Ten years ago, I came up with an awesome book title. I didn’t really want to write the book, I just wanted to use my great title. The title? What In The World Are You Doing, For Christ’s Sake? Usually when I have such an idea, I forget about it, but this idea has hung around like the rancid smell of a dirty dish rag, without the stink. How come good smells don’t stay around nearly as long as bad ones?

Well, this good idea did stick around…and then blogging came into my life, and I thought, “I can use my great title, and not write the book!” Because you, my dear readers, are invited to submit ideas, articles and give leads about the people who inspire you. The people who against all odds have changed their world in order to share the love of God.

So, every Tuesday come and sit on the bench of our playground, and I promise to tell a story about people just like you who have made the choice to change the world. So, What in the world are you doing for His sake? What in the world have you heard about that you think should be shared here? Let me know about it, and we’ll inspire the world with your story!

If you want to know a little more about me you can check out my story at Journey Towards Epiphany.

  1. Shanda says:

    You are welcome to use my post on your blog. I couldn’t find an email for you so am replying here. As far as donations: our church has a non-profit set up where people can donate to various causes. I know you could send through them. I will find out how. The man in Thailand does not have a website but is an incredible, humble, man of God.

  2. Anne says:

    The poem – Sketches in the Dirt. Who wrote that?

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