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I don’t exactly remember when I met Kim, but I do remember that I was excited to find someone with four important things in common. 1) our first names 2) our middle names 3) service to our communities 4) love for the Savior. What great things to base a friendship on! She has a lovely place in the blogosphere called From The Heart Online, you really should check it out! And now, without further delay, here is her piece on one of the ways her family shows her community the love of God.


She walks slow, parading her garbage-poking stick like some kind of baton. He struts a little, wielding his. We search the boulevard and ditches for bags and wrappers to stab and slide into our garbage bag.

Hundreds of others (each one in a bright yellow Tee) spread across the city with gloves and bags, on the hunt for trash. Eleven churches work together to keep this city tidy each spring.

Cool, eh?

I wanted to get in on it, but no way would I drag my kids into community service. They’ve got to want it.

I mentioned the upcoming event, and what it’s about. I asked if they were interested.
“Yeah … but I want to have a grabbing stick so I don’t have to bend down.”

He’s six.

Not eighty. … a young, robust six.

But when they told Dad about it, he offered to make them a poking stick. They were thrilled.

These two tender-hearted kids love to help. Maybe they did sign up to get the poking stick and the free hotdog. Or maybe they were in it for the adventure of an outing. Either way, they voluntarily served their city and had a great time doing it!

And now, when we drive past that boulevard, I hear from the back seat;

“Hey! That’s where WE cleaned up!!”

That’s right. Way to take ownership kiddos.