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Tara’s words drip like honey. You’ll have to see it for yourself here and here. But what I admire most about her is that her feet are following her words and heart. So many of us are well intentioned, and yet…that’s as far as it goes. Please join me as I delight in getting to know my world changing friend better…

I have this vibrant, full of life daughter.

She is beautiful because of how present she is in each moment, how in tune she is with her surroundings. She dreams of big things and far off places. She knows her future is wide and unending.

I have these other daughters, too.

Ones that I don’t know by name, but have been called to love. These daughters know a life where the only way of survival is to shut down. Block out the horrors of being sold. Of a number pinned on a red dress replacing their identity, their soul. They also dream of far off places, but only as a means of escaping their reality. The future to these daughters is to just make it through one.more.night.

My heart…it breaks for these girls that I do not hold in my arms. My body yearns to press their chests up against mine, so they can feel my heart beating deep and strong for them. I wish to stroke their cheek to erase past touch that has been evil and unkind.

My words…have felt empty with no physical action behind them. For I feared it was not enough to feel sadness for these lives; my sympathy would do nothing to protect them.

So my feet have found a rhythm of their own. A prayer found in motion.

Each mile that stretches before me, I picture one more life burning bright.

One more daughter hearing her laughter again, rusty… after years of laying dormant.

One more beautiful woman feeling her face transform into a crooked grin.

I run for their lives.

I am honored to be partnering my steps and my passion with a team of blogger-runners and others who are tracking their daily miles, or running their races on behalf of the organization Love146 . The goal is to get 146 people to run 146 miles in a year to raise awareness {and/or some cash} to help this great organization.

Should you wish to add your miles to move to protect these daughters, check out our daily mile challenge page to add your name to the list of runners.

If you are not a runner, yet wish to learn more, please go to Love146 to find out the endless opportunities we can partner together for creating real change.

For tonight, I wish for all of God’s daughters to dream of futures never ending.

Please see this video of how Love146 was started: